Flying With A Snowboard Tips, Airline Baggage Policies & Fees

Have you been dreaming about fresh powder and want take a flight to get away into the mountains? Now comes the not so fun part of planning it all out. 

You might be a pro at finding deals and flying with snowboard gear but for those that aren’t I’ve done a bit of digging to figure out how it all works.  

man on a snowboard sitting alone on the mountainCan you bring a snowboard on a plane?

In short no. I don’t know of any airlines that will allow you to bring a snowboard on board as carry on. Most will allow you to bring a snowboard as checked baggage that’s in a proper bag

How much does it cost to bring a snowboard on a plane?

Almost all the airlines I researched allowed you to bring a snowboard as part of your checked baggage. The lowest budget tickets may charge you extra. Generally you’ll only be allowed one bag to be checked in and you’ll need to pay extra charges if you need more checked luggage. 

Make sure to check the size and weight restrictions (see policies below). Some have no restrictions on size but some do. If you have a large board & bag you may need to pay extra fees.

I found a few airlines are vague about how they handle ski and snow items. If in doubt try and contact them directly so you don’t have end up with any nasty surprise costs. 

General Tips:

  • Make a checklist of items before you leave.
  • Check your airline sports goods policy before booking 
  • Weigh your snowboard bag
  • Weight the boot bag (if you have one) as some airlines include this in the total weight of checked in baggage.

How to Pack A Snowboard Bag for Air Travel

black snowboard gear layed out to pack

Make sure you get a good snowboard bag

I’ve used a cheap bag in the past. I needed a new one as I was travelling and just settled with something cheap and cheerful.  

It was very flimsy without much protection. The zipper broke after a few days and it’s starting to get a hole in it. There was less space available for other items compared to other bags. 

It’s done the job I needed it for but I wouldn’t recommend going for something that affordable if you plan on using it more than once. 

I’m not saying you need to pay a fortune but make sure to find a good quality bag if you can. I also recommend one with wheels, you’ll be grateful when trekking from one side of an airport to the other.

If your bag isn’t up to par airlines may not allow you to travel with it. 

Snowboard bag as checked baggage and boot bag + carry on bag for the rest.

strapping up snowboard boots

This is probably the most popular way to do it. Your snowboard bag will be counted as your one checked bag. 

In most cases this won’t cost you extra fees if you are allowed one checked bag, a carry on suitcase and a boots bag.

Snowboard and bindings will go in the board bag. Then pack as many clothes inside as possible. Be aware some airlines might not allow anything other than snowboard gear in the bag so check this before hand. 

Use one smaller suitcase or backpack as carry on. Make sure to check the size and weight allowance. Pack this with the things that won’t fit in the board bag. I usually have more clothes in my carry on.

In most cases you are allowed to bring a separate boots bag that won’t cost you extra. This will give you more space inside your board bag for clothes and other items.


You could ship your snowboard gear before you leave. This will make travelling much easier but can be pricey. 

If you really need the extra space, pay for an extra checked bag. You’ll be able to have a suitcase for clothes and anything else you need plus the board bag with all your snowboard gear.  

Check out this video from Whitelines for some more specific packing tips:

Airline Baggage Policies:

Commercial airplane landing at the airport

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways allow ski and snowboard baggage for no extra cost. This will count as one checked bag.

They don’t state any requirements on size but you will be charged extra if the bag exceeds the standard weight allowed for checked baggage.

View JetBlue Policies

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines allow one ski or snowboard bag as checked baggage.

The Bag needs to weigh less than 50 lbs and be under 292 cm or 115 linear inches. 

View Delta Air Lines Polices

Spirit Airlines

Ski and snowboard bags are allowed at no extra cost and count as a checked baggage.

You’ll be charged extra if it weighs over 40 lbs or is over 62 inches or 157.5 cm in length.

Many snowboards are actually longer than 157.5 cm and will be longer still when in a bag. The charge for oversized baggage; 63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm) is $100 extra.

I’d check the weight and size of your baggage very carefully and check with the airline before booking. You’ll probably be better off with another airline if you can’t meet those requirements. 

View Spirit Airlines Policies  

Air Canada

If you are traveling from Canada to Europe, Middle East or Africa, Air Canada allow you to carry ski, snowboard and boot bags for no extra fees. There are some exceptions so read the policies are give them a call if it’s not clear.

Otherwise traveling to other destinations this will count as 1 checked bag so depending on your ticket you may need to pay extra if you need more checked luggage. 

View Air Canada Baggage Policies

Southwest Airlines

As with most of the other airlines, Southwest allow one ski or snowboard bag to be counted as checked baggage. 

The baggage must be under 50 lbs to avoid charges but there are no extra fees for size. 

View Southwest Airline policies

United Airlines

Allow one bag as checked luggage. It must be under 50 lbs to avoid fees. The weight includes boot bags.

It’s not clear about size restrictions other than they state oversized items will be subject to standard oversized fees. The maximum allowed checked baggage size is 62 inches (158 cm).

There might be a size exception but it’s not clearly stated and would be worth contacting them about.

View United Airlines Policies

Virgin Atlantic

Allows Ski or Snowboard bags as checked baggage. 

Up to 23Kg in weight. 

They are very specific in what you can bring:

  • One snowboard
  • Boots and bindings
  • One helmet.

You aren’t allowed to bring skis and a snowboard in the same bag.

If you want to bring an addition checked bag it will cost 65 GBP / 100 USD.

View Virgin Atlantic Policies

British Airways

One ski or snowboard bag is allowed but counts as your checked baggage allowance. 

Size of up to 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in).

A maximum weight of 23 kg before any extra charges.

Allows boot bags to be carried separately as cabin baggage.

View British Airways Policies 

Alaska Airlines

Allows ski and snowboard bags as checked baggage. They do not charge extra for oversized ski or snowboard bags. 

Boots or helmet bags are allowed but can’t contain clothing or other items or checked baggage fees will apply.

View Alaska Airlines Policies

Air France

As checked baggage to replace normal baggage.

Can be a maximum of 23 kg or 50 lbs. With a maximum length of 300 cm / 118 inches.

It can include 1 snowboard and 1 pair of boots. It’s not clear if you can also put clothes and other items in the bag. 

View Air France Policies

Allegiant Air

It’s not clear what Allegiant Air’s prices for checked baggage are as they state it will depend on route and per segment.

Their standard maximum size is 80 in or 203cm and weight up to 40 lbs or 18 kg.

Oversize and overweight bags cost an additional $75.

They allow no more than one snowboard and pair of boots per bag.

View Allegiant Air Policies

Cathay Pacific

Your snowboard bag will be counted as your checked baggage. 

Standard weight allowance of 66 lbs or 30 kg. This increases depending on the ticket purchased. 

Maximum size of 203 cm or 80 in. 

They state their policies change depending on the route. It might be worth contacting them to check before booking.

View Cathay Pacific Policies