4 Of The Best Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guards

We all know snowboarding is a risky sport and injuries are pretty much going to happen. Wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries in the sport. So it makes sense to want to protect yourself.

One option might be to buy wrist guards separately but another is the all in one glove with wrist guards. 

Gloves PriceBest for
DaKine Unisex Wristguard GlovesCheck on AmazonAll-rounder
Burton Men's Support GloveCheck on AmazonLighter Protection
Level Fly Gloves with Wrist GuardsCheck on AmazonHigh Protection
Demon Cinch Wrist guardCheck on AmazonAll-rounder

I take a closer look at each one further in the article below..

Do you need them?

Wrist guards help protect your hands and wrists from getting cuts, bruises and other minor injuries. They can help spread the impact and stop sharper objects cutting the skin.

They do not prevent you from breaking bones and spraining wrists. This can still happen even with wrist guards.  

They are something you can ride without but even if you’re a very confident boarder you’ll find them useful.

If you’re new to boarding falling over is going to be a big part of the learning process (it was for me anyway). Or maybe you’re an intermediate and trying to push yourself a bit. Having some extra protection means you’re less likely to be as sore and you can do more boarding.   

This article compiles data from several studies that shows wrist injuries are the most common. To be fair these studies are pre 2000s and some things are different today but these numbers are probably not far off if there were more recent studies.  

What to look out for in a protective snowboard glove

Size, shape and style

Generally they come in a standard glove style although you may find some in a mitten style (no finger holes). There isn’t as much choice out there as there are for standard gloves. 

You’ll want to make sure you get the right size for your hands. There should be enough room so they aren’t overly tight. Keep in mind if you have inner gloves as well these will take up some space and you’ll need to take that into account. If you find a good deal online it will be worth trying them on if your local ski shop has them in stock. 

Quality and materials used

Most will use a mix of materials the main ones being polyester and nylon. All will have some sort of insulation to keep your hands warm. It’s down to personally preference and what feels best to you. Most will also be water proof which is pretty much essential for snow sports.  

If you plan on using your phone its nice to have a glove that allows you to use touch screen with them on. It’s a bit of a pain having to take them off each time you want to take a picture or answer the phone. 

Type of protection

For the protection part some use added flexible plastic that goes under the fabric and can be removed. Others are fully built inside the gloves and add stability in crucial areas. 

Will it keep you warm and dry

This is obviously the main job a glove needs to do so make sure it’s up to the task of keeping your hands warm and dry. Insulation and waterproofing is a must. Most claim to do a good job at this. If they aren’t so great at this you can try using inner gloves to compensate.

Other features

A few extra features to look out for are: Having small clips to keep the gloves together help you stop losing them and is a nice extra to have. Being able to take the plastic protection out will mean the gloves can be stuffed more easily in small spaces. You could also clip a lift pass to them for easy access. 

Moisture wicking, vents, durable and breathable gloves are other features to look out for. Although most will keep water out hands do get sweaty. Having some vents and moisture wicking material helps keep your hands dry. 

Pros and Cons of using a glove with protection

Some might find loading up on protective gear is very restrictive to their movement. You’ll have to find a compromise on whats going to take an impact most often. Looking at those studies wrist guards seem like a good bet. 

The benefits of choosing gloves that come with wrist guards built in is you’ll know the protection and glove is designed to work well together. 

There aren’t as many with protection compared to those without so if you’re picky about colors and the style then another option is to buy wrist guards separately.

These will fit under your normal gloves. Although it is unlikely, this could have some issues where they clash with the protection under them. Or they may be a tight fit. 

If you already own a nice pair of gloves this might be a better option for you. 

You might want to bring yours to a snowboard shop to make sure they’re a good fit before buying.  

Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards Reviewed 

1. DaKine Unisex Wristguard Gloves

Dakine unisex wristguard gloves

The DaKine unisex gloves boast a DWR treated shell or an out layer that has been treated with a coating of durable water repellent. It is also lined with 230g of fleece to keep you warm. 

For protection it uses removable rigid nylon plates on the back and front with a vecro wrist strap to keep things locked tight. The removable plates give you the option if you’d like to use the glove without protection.

With the waterproof treatment and decent amount of synthetic insulation these gloves should do a good job of keeping you warm and dry. 

The only area they seem to be lacking is with breath-ability. There isn’t much in the way ventilation. 


  • Removable plates makes them easier to store or use without.
  • Water proof insert and shell keeps you dry
  • Good amount of lining to keep you warm


  • Could be to bulky in the finger area for some
  • Lack of vents for breath-ability could make your hands sweaty

Check the price at Amazon

2. Burton Men’s Support Glove

Burton Mens Support Glove

The Burton Men’s support glove is another popular glove with wrist guards built in. These have been around for several years. 

You get 2 layers, with an extra thin waterproof membrane to keep you dry. The polyester lining and insulation does a good job of keeping you warm. The microfiber used helps with breathability which helps keep your hands dryer and therefore warmer.  

The protection is on the lighter side and is removable. As far as I know they changed the design to have much more protection on the knuckle side and less on the palm side. 


  • Touchscreen compatible
  • 2 layers


  • Not as supportive as other gloves
  • Not the most affordable

Check the price at Amazon

3. Level Fly Gloves with Wrist Guards

Level Fly Glove

The Fly Gloves by Level have also been a popular choice for some time. They use a patented “Biomex” wrist guard that is built into the gloves. The glove includes Kevlar reinforced palm and finger tips that should help make the glove last longer under regular use. 

They do you keep you warm and dry with the usual waterproofing and insulation expected from a snowboard glove. The shell is water resistant treated and comes with Membra-Therma plus fleece for insulation. 

They do include some nice extra features. Nose wipe material and goggle lens cleaner come built into them. 


  • Good protection
  • Lots of features


  • They were out of stock on Amazon when I last checked
  • Sizing may be different then you’re used to so check their charts

Check the price at Amazon

4. Demon Cinch Wrist guard

Demon cinch gloves

The Demon Cinch Gloves is another all in one option. They use a rigid plastic support in the palm along with flexi-plastic support on the top sections. 

They use a rugged denier for the top section and “Tuff Tek” (a rubber type material) for the palm section. Wide velcro wrist straps included are used to tighten or loosen to your desired comfort. 

The gloves are up to the task of keeping your hands warm and dry with the waterproof inserts and middle weight insulation.   


  • Keeps you warm and dry
  • Good protection


  • These were also out of stock on Amazon when I last checked
  • Might not be the most comfortable

Check the price at Amazon