About Rolling Fox

What’s The Idea?

My goal with Rolling Fox is to provide easy to understand and practical information on outdoor pursuits. Covering everything around camping, camp cooking, hiking, survival skills and more. If you’re just getting into it or you’re a seasoned outdoorsman I aim to provide useful content for all skill levels.

  • The site was launched in 2016.

Rich Brown – Owner & Editor

Rich BrownI’ve loved the outdoors since I was a little kid we regularly got to camp out near a lake. I was able to learn to kayak, sail toppers and wind surf. As a child I enjoyed many family camping holidays.

As an adult I spend more of my free time mountain biking on the local trails and snowboarding when I can afford it. I also still enjoy camping and hiking when I have the time.

Some of my main “outdoorsman” inspirations are Bear Grylls, Cameron Hanes, Steven Rinella, Joe Rogan and Ray Mears.

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Although I can and do share some information from personal experience I don’t claim to be a guru or expert. I often don’t have all the answers. When I’m not sure about something I’ll dive deep into research and find the best possible sources of information. You’ll notice most of our articles have a lot of linked sources for this reason.