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32 Best Outdoors & Camping Blogs to Follow In 2017


As an outdoor enthusiast, you already know the massive amount of blogs out there covering camping and the outdoors. From general blogs covering a wide range of different types of activities to specialist blogs focusing on just one niche, there are so many blogs that it may get confusing trying to keep track of them all. For your convenience, we have listed below the top outdoors and camping blogs currently on the web.

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1) Beyond the Tent

This broad camping site covers all of the essentials, from gear to destinations and beyond. There is a free family camping guide that can be downloaded from the site which is perfect for newbies. Unlike many other camping sites, Beyond the Tent is welcoming to new campers and features many articles aimed at beginners. More experienced campers will also find lots to love here, especially the destination guides and the detailed gear breakdowns. All of this makes Beyond the Tent one of the most comprehensive and inclusive camping and outdoors blogs on the net.

Beyond the tent

2) Adventure Parents

For families looking to enjoy camping and the outdoors, Adventure parents is a kid-friendly guide to outdoor adventure from camping to climbing to water sports. Some popular features on this site include a colorful photo section, a section dedicated to gear, and the very popular recipes section. For anyone looking to enjoy camping and the outdoors with their children, Adventure Parents should be your first stop.

Adventure Parents

3) Outdoors Geek

Just like the name implies, if you are obsessed with outdoor equipment then this is the site for you. Not only does Outdoor Geek review and rate different types of outdoor equipment but you can rent or buy each item directly from the site. From brand new gear to used items, the classifieds section on this site has a treasure trove of items that you can spend hours browsing. There is also a blog section covering a wide range of outdoors activities, making Outdoors Geek a well-rounded site for anyone looking to gain information and rent or buy gear.

outdoors Geek

4) Adventures of Dave & Ann

A blog following the yearly airstream adventures of a couple, Adventures of Dave & Ann offers amazingly detailed adventure stories that can also act as guides for your own adventures. This one is highly recommended for airstream enthusiasts looking for a fun read and ideas for their next adventure.

adventures of Dave and Ann

5) Ardent Camper

Much like Adventures of Dave & Ann, Ardent Camper follows a couple on their outdoor adventures. This couple has sold their house and set off on a potentially never-ending journey, working full time utilizing the internet along the way.


6) Currently Wandering

A comprehensive airstream-related site focusing on the continuing adventures of a wandering family. This site is different from other travel diaries since it also includes airstream advice, gear reviews, and recipes, giving Currently Wandering a very wide scope.

currently wandering

7) Gr8 Lakes Camper

This site focuses on RV camping in the Great lakes region of Michigan. With lots of information to sift through, great stories, and lots of recommendations for great camp spots and adventure in the region, you really can’t go wrong with this site if you are interested in taking a trip to the Great Lakes.

great lakes camper

8) Kellogg Show

Popular for its interesting daily adventure blogs and comprehensive coverage of everything from RV camping to kayaking, Kellogg Show has long been a popular blog for adventurers. With main features including photography collections and travel recommendations, this is definitely a must-visit site for any adventurer.

Kellogg show

9) Expert Vagabond

This site follows the continuing adventures of Matthew, the self-described expert vagabond who travels the world and records his adventures for your reading pleasure. From hitchhiking across the USA to camping on a live volcano in Guatemala, there is never a dull day with Matthew and never a dull day on this site.

Expert Vagabong

10) Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Unlike other single adventurer blogs, this one doesn’t just follow Brian Green’s adventures, featuring a comprehensive gear review section that rivals many other sites. From food to navigation equipment to tents, Brian covers it all.

Brian Green Adventures

11) Chris Townsend Outdoors

Author and adventurer Chris Townsend serves up this entertaining and informative blog featuring outdoor adventure coverage, gear reviews, and photo galleries. Chris is especially interested in mountains, so if you share this interest then there will be lots for you here in the form of words and photos.

Chris Townsend

12) Hiking in Finland

For those interested in exotic hiking adventures northern Europe, look no further than Hiking in Finland. Not only is this site a fun read with great photos, but it also acts as a place to pick your next destination adventure.

Hendrik Morkel

13) Section Hiker

Both experts and beginners will find a lot to love on this popular hiking and backpacking blog that covers everything from gear to the best trails in the country. Of special interest is an entire section dedicated to the Appalachian Trail. Anyone who loves long trail adventures will find a lot to love about this site.

Section hiker

14) Woods Monkey

The main feature on this site is the plethora of daily content on everything from gear to how-to articles to in-depth editorials. The video section is a nice touch, and there is a comprehensive list of shows and events across the country and beyond.

Woods Monkey

15)Paul Kirtley’s Blog

This site is perfect for anybody interest in survival skills and bushcraft, offering up lots of useful information on day-to-day survival in different outdoor settings. The “Ask Paul Kirtley” section is always informative, and subjects from white water rafting to tracking to plant eating are covered in depth.

Paul Kirtley

16) Master Woodsman

For those who like to camp in the old school manner, Master Woodsman is for you. Free of the modern gear covered on other outdoors sites, Master Woodsman is a throwback to a more minimal and, according to the site, more satisfying time for campers.

Paul Kirtley

17) American Grouch

Covering the camping adventures of a “backwoods bum” fond of long treks through beautiful country, this site is worth it for the photos alone. Every aspect of each adventure is covered, from trail pictures to cooking specifics. This is a fully detailed and and engaging adventure blog that will make you want to follow in the Grouch’s footsteps.

american grouch

18) Wild About Scotland

For those interested in the wild and scenic wilderness of Scotland, look no further than Wild About Scotland. This site features breathtaking photos and first person accounts of backpacking and camping in Scotland that will make you want to book a flight.

wild about scotland

19) All the Camping Gear

This UK-based blog offers an extensive review section for all different types of camping gear. The site also serves as a travel blog, featuring some great coverage of treks within England from Cornwall to Kent. When it comes to both gear reviews and travel writing, it just doesn’t get much better than All the Camping Gear.


20) Yellow Fields

Following the adventures of a UK family that enjoys camping expeditions, this site is both inspiring and informative. The inspiration comes from getting to know this family that spends time together outdoors, and the information comes from learning about their trips from the gear used to the places visited. You don’t have to be a UK resident to appreciate YellowFields.

yellow fields

21) Camping in the Forest

For anybody in the UK looking for the perfect camping site, look to further than Camping in the Forest. This site lists dozens of available places to pitch your tent at many different locations across the UK, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

camping in the forest

22) Trail Cooking

Although there are a good number of sites that cover outdoor cooking and recipes, here we have a site fully dedicated to cooking out on the trail. With dozens of posts covering everything from cooking gear to recipe ideas, Trail Cooking has everything you need when it comes to preparing meals on the trail.

trail cooking

23) Florida Hikes!

For sunshine state residents and visitors, Florida Hikes! is the top site for finding the perfect day hike or camping trip location. From the Florida Trail to lesser known sites, Florida Hikes! has it all when it comes to Florida outdoor adventure.

florida Hikes

24) 100 Peaks

If you live in southern California or are planning to visit, 100 Peaks is your guide to hundreds of outdoor adventures in the region. This site covers everything from hiking to climbing, so no matter your tastes there will be something for everyone at 100 Peaks.

florida Hikes

25) The Dirtbag Diaries

If dozens of podcast episodes featuring first hand accounts of exploration in the outdoors sounds right to you, then you have hours of fun ahead of you at The Dirtbag Diaries. Told in a comedic but informative fashion, this is the premier podcast site with an outdoor focus.

florida Hikes

26) The Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Adventure is a well rounded site that covers everything from gear to locations to survival tips. If you’re looking for simple but effective general coverage of all things outdoors, then this one is for you.

florida Hikes

27) Hiking the Trail

The firsthand accounts of outdoor adventures on this site are breathtaking, the gear reviews informative, and the tips incredibly helpful. There are even gear giveaways on occasion, so you should definitely keep Hiking the Trail in your favorites tab.

florida Hikes

28) The Big Outside

Covering some of the nation’s most grand national parks and outdoors hotspots, The Big Outside is a breathtaking outdoor travelog that lasts many loyal followers. Tune in for amazing photos, stories, and ideas for your next adventure.

the big outside

29) Hiking Forward

This is not just a blog. It’s a philosophy. Hiking forward in life is what this writer is all about, and you can hike it forward yourself by reading the outdoor news, adventure tales, and gear reviews contained on this site.

hiking forward

30) Modern Hiker

If long day hikes are your main interest, then you absolutely must have Modern Hiker in your favorites. This site lists all the best trails and hikes, plus hiking gear reviews and feature articles. No serious hiker should be without Modern Hiker at their fingertips.

hiking forward

31) Appalachian Trails

Focusing specifically on the Appalachian Trail, this site has everything you need to know about this famous trail, including first hand accounts, site lists, and other important resources. If you are as obsessed with the Appalachian Trail as most backpackers, you have hours of reading ahead of you with this site.

hiking forward

32) Cool of the Wild

Cool of the Wild cover everything from adventure ideas and how to guides for beginners, to gear reviews, camping tips and inspirational info to get people outside more

hiking forward

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