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solar panel attached to the tent

5 Of The Best Portable Solar Chargers for Camping

Let’s face it, you’re an addict. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed. It’s hard to face the truth but you are not alone. Most of...

What Are the Best First Aid Kits For Hiking

What are the features of solid backpacking first aid kits? We review five of the best ones around to help you find a reliable and hassle-free way of potentially saving your life
survival kit items

5 Of The Best Survival Kits For 2019

The best survival kits will have the key items needed to tough out difficult situations, without weighing you down. We take a look at 5 of the best survival kits available in 2018.

5 Of The Best Bug Out Bags For 2019

Having a bug out bag at the ready is a great way to prep for the unexpected. We take a look at 5 of the best bug out bags for 2018.
The Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Bracelets

5 Of The Best Survival Bracelets For 2019

We take a look at 5 of the best survival bracelets for 2018. A length of cord might not seem like it would have that many uses but could prove vital.
hand holding a compass in the forest

What’s the Best Survival Compass in 2019

We look at 5 of the best survival compasses for 2018. Good compasses weigh next to nothing and fit in your pocket. Sometimes throwback technology outperforms the new stuff.
hydration pack being used in the woods

What Are The Best Hydration Packs For Hiking & Outdoors

These packs can be a lot more convenient than traditional methods but you don't want to get stuck with crappy gear. That's why we've taken a look at some of the best hydration packs for hiking and outdoors.
machete stuck in stump

5 of the Best Machetes for Survival and Outdoors

Machetes can be used to cut branches to make a shelter, to chop up firewood and to hack through undergrowth. And, yes, they could also be used for self-defence in the event of an attack. We take a look at 5 of the best machetes for survival and outdoor use.
man wearing a headlamp at dusk

What Are The Best LED Headlamps

Getting lost in the dark is never fun which is why an LED headlamp is something you'd probably want to consider buying . With so many different headlamps on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We took a look at some of the best available.

5 of The Best Tactical Pens

Tactical pens have one objective: to turn something useful, an ink pen, into a hardened survival weapon that could save your life. We take a look at some of the best tactical pens available.
hiker using walkie talkie

What are the Best Two Way Radios

Two way radios may seem archaic in the days of Skype and cell phones but when your “smart” phone goes stupid and loses signal a two way radio can help you stay in contact. We take a look at some of the best 2 way radios for 2018.
man using a water filter in a stream

5 of the Best Backpacking Water Filters

While some mountain streams are safe to drink from, it’s best not to gamble. Most water filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe from waterborne disease is invaluable.
folding poket knife featured

What Are The Best Folding Pocket Knives

If you spend any time in the outdoors, one of the most important tools you’ll carry is a folding pocket knife. These knives are a dime a dozen though, so it pays find a high-quality one that fits your needs. We look at some of the best available.
wood burning stoves featured image

What are the Best Wood Stoves for Camping in 2019

Whenever you go camping, whether it’s for one night or weeks at a time, coming prepared with all the right equipment should be your top priority. One of the most important items you’ll bring is a wood stove where you can do all of your cooking.

5 of The Best Survival Tents for 2019

Though every survivalist has their own list of must-haves in case of an emergency, the tent has always been the quintessential choice for shelter because it’s portable and versatile. Using this guide, survivalists will be able to choose the best survival tent for their needs.