23 Cool Camping Accessories for 2016

Do you want to spend more time the great outdoors, but cringe at the thought of leaving behind modern convenience? Cringe no longer! Technology is transforming the way that we think about camping. Check out these cool camping accessories that will transform your drab, basic campsite into an awesome (perhaps even high-tech) home-away-from-home that will make your friends jealous.

#1 Hemiplanet Tents: Super stable, super easy, super fast!


​Pitch your tent in under a minute, without breaking a sweat with this inflatable tent. With built in storage space, this investment will also help you keep your campsite organized. Find it here from HEMIPLANET

#2 Dinner for Two: The Helinox Table One


​Despite its name, The Helinox Table One does indeed seat two people, and it even has two built-in cup holders. With its lightweight design and easy setup, the only thing left for you to do is make the grub and lay it out. 

#3 The Coolest Filter Ever: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


This award-winning straw works without any chemicals, and it works quickly, meaning you can literally stick it in a river and drink up. The straw has the capacity to filter 1000 liters of water, which is enough for an entire year of exploration. Check out more water filter options here.

#4 Trillium Hammock, aka your adult treehouse


This hammock can hookup just about anywhere, and with three places, you and your friends can share without it being awkward. Stack multiple Trillium Hammocks above each other to make a seriously cool, portable tree house that will keep all of your backs dry

​#5 Keep Clean with the Nemo Equipment Helio Pressure Shower


​This refillable, portable shower moves easily without the need to hang up a shower rig, holds nearly three gallons of water, and it provides constant water pressure. Your dirty-camp self thanks you in advance.

​#6 GoTenna GPS on Your Phone, No Service Required


​This high-tech gadget replaces the need for walkie-talkies and a network connection by connecting your cell phone to a local network that can access GPS information or send messages to other GoTenna users. It allows you to share your exact location with the GPS feature... Talk about a life saver!

​#7 Keep Warm without Fire with the Zippo Hand Warmer


​When your fingers are frozen during those high-mountain hikes, this hand warmer will be your lifesaver! You'll light it once, put it into its protective bag, and slip this bad boy into your pocket. It'll provide warmth for up to twelve hours.

​#8 Kill Two Birds with One Stone with the BioLite CampStove


​The BioLite CampStove is incredibly cool because it allows you to generate electricity for charging your phone or LED lights while you are cooking dinner. On top of that, the fire is guaranteed to be hot and smokeless.

#9 For the Child at Heart: Fieldcandy Personalized Tents


For a design that will turn your tent into something unique, look no further than Fieldcandy's screen-printed tents. With designs to make your tent look like a tiny pub or an aircraft (which you can also personalize further with your name or your favorite beer list), your campsite will have the coolest backdrop.

#10 To Keep it All Powered: Vinsic Portable and Foldable Solar Panel Charger

​This extra cool solar panel will allow you to charge up to two devices at once, without needed any extra equipment. Simply set the charger in the sun, plug in, and voilà.

​#11 Fresh Balls Help Prevent Discomfort


​Camping isn't always dry, so as the gentlemen know, it's difficult to prevent groin chafing that makes the experience miserable. With Fresh Balls cream, you'll be able to keep everything dry using all-natural ingredients.

#12 Survival Hiking Boot Laces with Reusable Fire Starter


​Never let wet matches stop your campfire again with these cool boot laces! Each pair comes with four Ferro Rods that are stored conveniently in the tips of the laces, which can be used to make 3000°F sparks.

​#13 Wearable Sleeping Bag by Fieldcandy


​Another find from Fieldcandy, this sleeping bag can transform into a warm dress. This is perfect if you like to take naps in comfort, and if you like to be mobile. No need to head back to camp for sleep with this sleeping bag!

​#14 Bay Kayak Collapsible Kayak for Adventurers


​Planning to go kayaking usually requires a lot of extra equipment, which is bulky and hard to carry to camp, and then to move from camp to the water and back again. With this collapsible kayak, you'll be able to eliminate this hassle and get to the water more quickly.

​#15 Gosun Solar Powered Portable Stove to Avoid Fire Restrictions


​You might not always be able to cook on an open flame because of bad weather or otherwise, so this solar-powered stove is an awesome alternative to fire. It not only heats up to temperatures as high as 550°F within minutes, it also works on cloudy days.

​#16 Lamzac Inflatable Lounge: Inflate in Seconds!


​The word inflatable probably made you roll your eyes, because honestly, who has time for pumps? With this Lamzac lounge, however, there is no need for a pump. Just open the pouch and let the wind do the hard work, and then spend the afternoon lounging around with your pals.

​#17 Estream Portable Water Power Generator for High-Tech, Renewable Energy

​This Kickstarter product will allow you to charge your USB-powered devices using hydraulic energy. Simply dunk the generator into a moving-water source, allow the water to turn the gear to charge the generator, plug in, and repeat. It's completely renewable energy.

​#18 For Literally Everything: Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi Purpose Credit Card Tool


​To open cans, peel fruit, tighten screws, bottle opener-- you name it, this credit-card sized piece of steel has you covered. 

​#19 Get Night Vision with Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp


Headlamps make nighttime exploring easier, and with an easy access red night mode, you'll never be stranded with this all-in-one headlamp. It even has an all-angle guard against water, meaning that even in the rain, you'll have an excellent light source.

​#20 Vertex Ultra Light Backpacking Stove (SERIOUSLY LIGHT)


​Weighing in at 1.8 ounces, this stove is completely collapsable, made of durable stainless steel, and has a shield design to keep your fire lit and help you consume less fuel.

​#21 BRAVEN BRV-XXL Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (with phone-charging capabilities!)


This speaker is not delicate-- waterproof, and resistant to sand, dirt, and dust-- meaning you can take it to any campsite. Keep the party going with 14 hours of uninterrupted play time, seriously loud music, and an attachable mic.

#22 GoBat Portable Battery and Flashlight to Charge Your Phone in Your Pocket, Anytime


When you're really on the go, you need a battery that can move with you. It'll keep you covered for the whole weekend, too, since it has enough juice to charge your phone twice. Plus, it doubles as a tiny little flashlight, just in case.

#23 Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light for Renewable Energy


This light is great because it is so compact, yet it provides light for a maximum of eighteen hours, and it can be set up literally anywhere since it doesn't need a hook.

Did you see anything that you loved? Or maybe you found some new must-have camping accessories? I am so excited to try out some of these accessories myself, especially all of the renewable energy tools, which I think are ingenious concepts. The BioLite Stove will probably become a regular in my camping gear.

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