Best 2 Person Tents for Camping

Kelty Unisex Grand Mesa 2

This is a nice, three-season tent. At 4.6 pounds, it may not be ideal for backpacking if you don't like carrying a heavier load. However, it's warm, durable, and dry for any camping trip. It sleeps two people comfortably with no gear.


  • Aliminium poles
  • Well ventilated
  • Warm and dry
  • 3- season tent
  • Easy set-up


  • The vestibule is difficult to set up
  • Cramped for 2 people
  • A little heavy
​Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint

​This is an awesome ultra light weight tent for cold, wet weather. It is well ventilated and shows next to no condensation buildup. At just a little over 3 pounds, this tent is perfect if you're a backpacker, long distance biker, ect. It has no leaks and is made of rip stop material, making it pretty tough for it's weight. It's a heavily featured camping tent for the price.


  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Water and wind proof- Great for cold and wet weather
  • Easy set up
  • Rip Resistant


  • A little small for 2 people plus gear
  • The rain fly is difficult to set up
  • Poor instruction manual
​ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent

​The ALPS Mountaineering Taurusis a nice, light that is perfect for backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering adventures. I don't like spending a lot of time setting up and packing up; this tent takes less than five minutes to do both.

It's very durable and seals up nicely on rainy or cold nights. There's plenty of sleeping room for two people, but you might have to leave your gear hanging in a tree or under a tarp, unless you want it laying on top of you! All in all, it's a great, light weight, and weather proof tent!


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Weather proof
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to set up
  • Two entrances


  • Very little head or side room with two people
  • The vinyl peep windows can't close
  • It isn't the lightest tent you can find.
Sundome 2 Person Tent

The Coleman sundome is a nice tent for easy, comfortable camping. It has a lot of room for a two person tent.I appreciated being able to open up the back window and take off the rain fly on dry nights and look at the sky.

There's nothing nicer than enjoying the night sky from your sleeping bag and being able to enjoy the stars far away from any light pollution. I like that the rain fly extends a little ways out. I can't tell you how annoying it is when you open the front flap whole it's raining and water comes pouring into the tent because of a poorly designed fly.

It's a little heavy, so I wouldn't suggest hiking with it. Also, you might want to by a sealant for the bottom seams if you plan on riding inclement weather. Still, it' a great low to mid price range camping tent!


  • Nice view from inside
  • Sleeps two very comfortably
  • Easy to set up
  • Extended rain-fly


  • Small leaks on the bottom seams
  • A little bulky
  • Not an all weather tent
  • Poles are fragile

​Some things to Consider

​Before you start researching camping tents, decide how you're going to be sing it. Are you just going to take it camping one or two times? Do you intend to use it heavily? Would you like it to be ultra-lite? Do you want it to fit into a backpack? Do you want a pop-up? There are tents for any occasion. If you can think it, they've probably made it.


Set your budget, there are decent tents in every price range, but sometimes it's worth paying just a little bit more to get exactly what you want. The trick is to research your prospects carefully and decide how you can get the most for your money.

​If you aren't a hard-core camper and you're just planning on setting up camp and enjoying nature with a friend or loved one, and sitting around a fire, then you might want a more standard tent in the low to mid price range.


If you're not planning on packing and unpacking a tent during several trips, you'll probably want a tent with a little extra space for two people to sleep comfortably. You may need a heavier duty tent if you're planning on staying in one spot for a while, especially if you expect inclement weather.

Remember that some tents are water proof while some are only water resistant and that difference can be a big one when facing a lot of rain.

​For campers who know they're going to be doing a lot of hiking and moving camp, possibly with a substantial amount of gear, an ultra lite backpacking or hiking tent may be the best option.

The advantage to ultra lite 2 man camping tents is that they pack up into a tiny bundle, they're easy to carry, and they're easy to set up. These are ideal for the professional backpacker.


​Just like with anything you buy, not all tents are created equally. Quality matters when your camping. You don't want a surprise rain storm to leave you and your things soaked and shivering because your tent wasn't up to the task. You also don't want to pitch your brand new tent only to discover it's already ripped! Here are some things to look for.

  • Aluminum poles: Fiberglass poles are lightweight, but very easy to break. Aluminum may be a better choice.
  • No Seams in the Floor: Make sure you have a tub floor made of waterproof material and that extends a little ways up the wall. This will help keep you dry.
  • Double stitching and folded seams: This will ensure your tent doesn't leak when it rains. One easy way to check how leak-proof your tent is to pull the material between two hands. If you can see through it, this is an indication of poor quality.
  • Large Material Stake Loops: Have you ever been in a tent on a windy night and felt those little metal stakes pull right out of the ground? It's a disconcerting sensation and easily avoided with the right tent. Make sure yours has steak loops big enough for some plastic, heavy duty stakes. Generally material loops are preferred since plastic loops are easily broken.
  • Advantage of a vented Roof: Most people who have been out camping have experienced waking up to wet tent walls. Anything sitting against these walls also gets wet. One way around this problem is to get a tent with a roof vent. The vent helps eliminate condensation so you you don't wake up to your hair sticking to the walls. Ease of Setup: For some people setting up a tent can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming part of camping. Fortunately, today, easy-set-up tents are widely available and affordable. These tents can take as little time as five seconds to set up.
  • Look for Rip Stop Material: Rip Stop material is extremely tough material that can withstand a lot of punishment before it shows any sign of damage. If you need to camp in a woody area with overhanging branches, or around sharp rocks, then it's probably a good idea to have a tent made out of this material.
  • Try to get a tent with Noseeum mesh. Noseeums are tiny, biting bugs, and they can sometimes get through regular mesh.