Camping Guides and How To’s

Compass and topographic map

How to Use a Compass and Map for Navigation

Learning how to use a map and compass is one of the most essential skills for backcountry navigation. Even with all the GPS technology we have today, it pays to know how to find your way around using no more than a compass and the Earth’s magnetic field
Coiled rattle snake

Venomous Snakes: Identification and Bite Treatment In The Wilderness

Learn to identify some of the most common and dangerous snakes. If you run into a copperhead, cottonmouth or diamondback in the wild you’ll want to know how best to protect yourself. This article will give you the lowdown on venomous snakes in the US.
Poison Ivy warning sign

Poison Ivy Rash and Other Plants: Treatment & Symptoms

Poison ivy is poisonous and a brush against its leaves can leave you with an angry red rash that can be extremely uncomfortable. This guide shows you where it grows, what poison ivy looks like, symptoms and treatments.
Guide To Finding and Treating Drinking Water

Backpackers Guide To Finding and Treating Drinking Water

Everything you need to know about finding and treating drinking water in the wild. How to collect water when there are no streams or lakes. The best techniques to make dirty water drinkable.
Survival kit

Emergency First-Aid and Supply Kit Checklist

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Read on to learn about essential first aid gear and extra gear that makes up emergency supply kits (or “bug out bags”)
Angry ant biting human skin

How to Identify Common Bug Bites

Bug bites are the bug bear of many, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Follow the tips in this guide to minimise the chances of bugs spoiling your outdoor adventure.
Winter camping tips

Winter Camping Tips – What You Need To Know To Keep Cozy In The...

Only the bold camp in winter.​ Our winter camping tips will tell you what you need to know to keep cozy in the cold.
Male Brown Bear

Bear Safety Guide – What You Need To Know If You Encounter Bears

Check out our bear safety guide to arm yourself with the kind of knowledge that could make your bear encounters safe and pleasant rather than leading to an, ahem, grizzly end.

The 10 Essential Items for Hiking and Camping

In the 1930s mountaineers compiled the Ten Essentials Items for Hiking. We also highlight our own Ten Essentials list after going over the classic one.

How to Build a Campfire The Right Way

Building fires isn’t a completely lost art. With a bit of expert advice you’ll be basking in the glow and enjoying toasted marshmallows.

3 Tarp Setups for Diamond Shaped Tarps

Looking for some ideas on how to setup a diamond shaped tarp? We have 3 easy diamond tarp configurations for you to try out with instructions.

Fitness Tips for Hikers

The question of how fit do you need to be for hiking comes up a lot. There are those people who believe “it’s just walking”, no need to do any training. And others who believe that the better you train, the more you’ll enjoy your hike.

How to Pack a Hiking Backpack

As a new hiker, one of the first things you need to know is how to pack a hiking backpack. You’ll soon find that getting packed up and ready to go is probably one of the most important aspects of your upcoming journey as missing an important item can quickly place a pall over an entire trip.

11 Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is a free exercise alternative that can provide you with a number of health benefits, no matter your starting level of fitness or activity. If you’re looking to get healthier without spending hundreds of dollars to join a gym, hiking can be a great option for you.

Shaped vs. Square Tarp Shelters

The world is a glorious place, full of adventure and wonder. To explore nature is a rewarding and exciting experience. However, adventuring unprepared can be incredibly dangerous. Having the proper equipment to survive in...

How to Deal with Bugs Whilst Camping

​When tarp camping bugs are often a serious problem. Between mosquitoes, spiders and ticks, you'll need to find a way to keep yourself from becoming bug food. Without some kind of protection, you'll end up with dozens of bug bites when you wake up in the morning, or you might not be able to sleep at all if they're biting you the entire night.

How to Make A Tarp Tent with 25 Designs

I've listed 25 different tarp shelter designs to help you get started. Each configuration has its pros and cons and there isn't really a perfect design for all occasions. You'll have to chose the right one depending on your situation or you could just try them all out to test your bushcraft tarp setup skills.