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The Best Multi-Tool for Camping & Hiking 2016

Nothing can ruin your camping experience more quickly than not having the necessary tools available. Although the best multitool may differ from person to person, every camper should consider them an indispensable piece of gear.

23 Cool Camping Accessories for 2016

Check out these cool camping accessories that will transform your drab, basic campsite into an awesome (perhaps even high-tech) home-away-from-home that will make your friends jealous.



11 Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is a free exercise alternative that can provide you with a number of health benefits, no matter your starting level of fitness or activity. If you’re looking to get healthier without spending hundreds of dollars to join a gym, hiking can be a great option for you.

Shaped vs. Square Tarp Shelters

The world is a glorious place, full of adventure and wonder. To explore nature is a rewarding and exciting experience. However, adventuring unprepared can...


24 Stunning places to camp in the USA

Ever thought of camping in a breathtaking place? There are lots of places you can visit, but some do not create lasting memories. You need to check on the list I have compiled below. On it, you'll learn about features of some of the most exciting places to camp in the U.S. Enjoy!

31 Outdoors & Camping Blogs to Follow In 2016

As an outdoor enthusiast, you already know the massive amount of blogs out there covering camping and the outdoors. From general blogs covering a wide range of different types of activities to specialist blogs focusing on just one niche, there are so many blogs that it may get confusing trying to keep track of them all

Camp Cooking


37 Camping Breakfast Ideas From Around The Web

It may surprise you to know that you can eat well even when you’re camping. Sure, you could stick some muffins and fruit in your camp gear and call it good, but those meals may not give you enough energy or nutrients to fuel your hike or other camp activities.
Smores roasting on the fire

Easy Open Fire Camping Snacks Guide

A quick guide to cooking some quick and easy snacks over an open flame campfire.
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